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Twitter launches new Emojis

Social media giant Twitter has announced that it has released new Emojis covering a broad spectrum ranging from Trans pride flag to women's cricket.

The update also brings in new wallpapers, a refreshed AirPlay menu, a new Shazam toggle for Control Center and the usual bug fixes.

Twitter Launches New Emoji For Diwali

After launching Make In India campaign’s emoji, it is now a ‘diya’ emoji. Users can use the hashtag of #HappyDiwali and the emoji will appear next to the tweet. The emoji is a diya, which symbolizes the Diwali Festival. Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor launched the first emoji on...

Twitter Launches Emoji For Make In India Campaign

While tweeting with the hashtag #MakeInIndia, one will see an emoji of a black lion against an orange background.It is the first non US brand which got a Twitter emoji. The campaign has seen nearly 500 million impressions this year and received a large number of positive tweets from US, Japan and...