Is Periscope Fast Becoming The Bastion Of Illegal Broadcasting?

The app is quickly becoming a magnet for copyright violations. Periscope received 1,391 notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for illegal streams during Q2 2015. The number of takedown requests has grown massively from just 17 in April to 833 in June. Periscope complied with 71% of the takedown requests, amounting to 1029 streams affecting 864 accounts.

Periscope Reaches 10 Million Active Accounts Milestone In 4 Months

Twitter said users are collectively watching 40 years worth of content on a daily basis. The metrics are only for Android and iOS versions of the app and the company hasn’t even included web streams in the count. Twitter is also working on a way to reduce spam and abuse on the platform while adding new features such as a fast-forward button and landscape mode.

Twitter Finally Drops The 140 Character Limit On Direct Messages

The limit has now been raised up to 10,000 characters as opposed to Facebook Messenger’s 20,000 character limit. The move was announced in June but has been rolled out only now. Twitter is investing big on Direct Messages, and had rolled out Group direct messages and made it possible for users to privately chat with anyone on its platform.

Twitter: Indian Govt Info Requests Grew By 175% During Jan-Jun 2015

Twitter said global government information requests grew by 52% during H1 2015. The Indian government made 113 information requests, up from 41 requests during Jul-Dec 2014. The number of accounts affected in the info requests was up to 2,963, while the percentage of instances where Twitter actually provided the Indian gov with data was down to 19%.

Facebook Working On A Twitter-Like App For Breaking News

The app is part of the Facebook for Businesses initiative is currently being alpha tested. Users will follow publications they like and topics they want to receive alerts about. Publications will be able to send notifications to all their followers in the case of breaking news. These mobile alerts will be restricted to 100 characters of text and a url.

Google, Facebook And Twitter Aid The Crackdown On Child Porn

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter have started using the Internet Watch Foundation’s database of known child sex abuse images to automatically block child porn on the Internet. The list is made up of images that are assigned with a digital value, and any image shared that has the same value will be blocked.

Periscope Now Lets You Mute Users And Watch Live Streams On Your Mac Via Handoff

The Mute User function will turn off notifications for when that user is going live. Muting someone doesn’t mean they won’t appear in your feed. Using iOS 8’s Handoff function, users can now watch live streams on their Mac via the Safari browser. In order to use the feature, both devices will have to be connected via bluetooth and run off the same iCloud account.

Twitter Launches Safety Center To Educate Users In Dealing With Online Abuse

Safety Center will put all the resources a user needs to learn about best practices of handling harassment in one place. The tool offers quick and easy access to information such as how to file a police complaint against someone harassing them. Further, Safety Center even has separate sections for Teens, Parents and Educators.

Twitter Acquires Machine Learning Startup Whetlab

The acquisition will aid the social network’s own efforts in the machine learning space. Whetlab has announced it will be shutting down its service on June 15, 2015. The firm is building an A.I. that helps companies implement machine learning more easily. The potential of the tech is to train a new machine learning system in a matter of days rather than months.

Twitter Finally Launches Autoplay Videos

Videos, GIFs and Vines will begin playing automatically as they come into view on a user’s timeline. The autoplay function can be turned off by a user, or work only when on Wi-Fi networks. Twitter is trying to lure advertisers with viewability standards much better than its rivals – 100% of the video should be viewable for more than 3 seconds in order to be counted as a view.

Dick Costolo To Step Down As Twitter CEO

The change will be effective as off July 1, 2015, with Jack Dorsey taking over as interim CEO until the board finds a replacement. Costello will continue to serve on Twitter’s Board of Directors while Dorsey will remain as the CEO of Square. The Twitter Board’s Search Committee has said it will consider both internal as well as external candidates for the CEO position.

Twitter Now Lets You Create And Share Lists Of Blocked Users

The feature will help users ward off spammers and trolls. Twitter’s crowdsourced approach at blocking users seems to be far more frugal than any of its previous mass-blocking efforts. Users will be able to access the Block List features under the Blocked Accounts tab in settings where they can select to export or import lists from the Advanced Settings dropdown.

Twitter Unveils Audience Insights To Help Marketers Better Understand Followers

The audience insights dashboard provides information about followers and the people who have engaged with a brand’s organic Tweets, segregating them by demographics, interests, purchasing behavior and more. Further, marketers can also use the tool to identify new, relevant audiences to target for an upcoming campaign, providing them with insights such as products a user has recently purchased.

Twitter Finally Brings Its Live-Streaming App Periscope Over To Android

The app allows users to broadcast and watch videos from their smartphone. The iOS version of the app registered 1 million users in 10 days, it is yet to be seen if the Android release is welcomed similarly. There are hardly any differences between the functionality of the iOS and Android app – there are still three screens, but there’s now a big red broadcast button, and a little more control over notifications.

Twitter Has Apparently Held Talks To Acquire Flipboard [Now Stalled]

The deal is an all-stock one that values the company at $1 billion. The talks have been taking place since the beginning of the year but seem to have currently stalled. Twitter will gain an experienced product team which is currently headed by Mike McCue, who could also be a prime contender for CEO. For Flipboard, the acquisition could solve growth issues.