Twitter-Google Partnership Brings More Tweets To Google’s Search Results

Google Search now throws up Tweets in a more graphical way on mobile devices, with both companies announcing the feature and adding that a desktop version was also on the way. The whole premise for the tie-up is to serve users of Google Search with more real-time information that surfaces on Twitter, which also seems to be the case of how Google decides whether to showcase tweets.

You No Longer Need A Twitter Account To Sign Up For Periscope

The new feature will allow users to sign up using just their phone number, helping a lot of users who aren’t on Twitter check out what’s all the fuss surrounding live streaming video apps. Other features include the ability to change one’s profile picture, replying within broadcasts is much easier and blocking users is now a more transparent procedure.

Now Get Only The Day’s Best Tweets With Twitter Highlights

The company has rolled out the new feature for its Android app, that delivers the most important tweets of the day via push notifications. For Highlights, Twitter will look at popular accounts and conversations among people you follow, tweets from people close to you and what’s trending nearby. You can turn on the feature by heading to Settings>Account Handle>Mobile Notifications under which users can select the Highlights box.