Wortheum introduces India’s first blockchain and news platform

The Wortheum Ad Network Platform is a special way for platform users to make money while also developing a P2P market for Worth currencies.

This ad network is built on a blockchain-based Delegated Proof of Stake news platform and is also supported by its news network. The advertiser won’t have to worry about their ad being restricted without any reason.

Nike launches Web3 platform .Swoosh

Nike Members can head to its domain, welcome.swoosh.nike, to immerse themselves within the digital community launching as the platform is still in beta. Registration for .SWOOSH will begin on November 18.

Members will be able to enter a community-centred challenge for a chance to co-create a virtual product with Nike from which they can earn royalties.

Line Next introduces Web3 gaming platform Game Dosi

Line Next said Game Dosi aims to provide engaging games that users can enjoy intuitively and solutions to enable game developers to create their games more easily.

It also provides legal support around regulations and risk management, marketing and promotion support, utilizing marketing solutions on Line’s services.

Explained: What really happened with FTX?

What happened at FTX is straight-forward. FTX lent US$10bn of client funds to their trading arm Alameda, which used it for leveraged crypto speculation. Alameda blew up in crypto meltdown & can’t repay. Ppl got whiff of this & tried to pull US$5bn from FTX. FTX didn’t have it.
The founder Sequoia just “loved”, and was often lauded for his vision & generosity, misappropriated client funds to gamble them on crypto market, where he would keep all the gains for himself, but stick clients with the losses. This is about as greedy and unethical as one can be.
Like many in the crypto world, where delusions ran wild (ensnaring a surprising number of supposedly smart people in SV), SBF drank the crypto cool-aid and probably didn’t believe there was much risk to what he was doing, because, ya know, crypto was obviously going to go up…
In financial markets, there is a long history of market downturns exposing fraud, ponzi schemes, and other malfeasance. As Buffett has long said, you only get to see who has been swimming naked when the tide goes out. FTX is just another example.
The scale and brazen nature of this fraud/misappropriation of client funds, however, reflects (1) the total lack of regulatory oversight; and (2) the extreme amount of delusion, greed & investor naivety that infected the whole crypto space.

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Luxury watchmaker Rolex files trademark applications for cryptos and NFTs

The luxury watchmaker’s trademark application suggests plans to introduce NFTs, NFT-backed media, NFT marketplaces, crypto keys and transactions, virtual goods auctions, as well as virtual and cryptocurrency exchange.

The trademark was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 31 and covers downloadable software for blockchain technology, digital wallets, and online spaces for buyers and sellers of virtual products.

Circle to launch Euro stablecoin on Solana in early 2023

FTX will support deposits and withdrawals of Euro Coin on Solana at launch. Solana-based DeFi protocols Radium and Solend have also announced their intent to do so as well.

Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol will also launch on Solana in the first half of 2023, initially supporting native transfers of its USDC stablecoin.

Beeple’s immersive 3D NFTs are arriving on Solana

In partnership with the Render Network, Beeple will branch out from Ethereum to Solana via Metaplex and Render Network.

Beeple is already closely involved with Render Network, having served as an advisor to the platform, which provides creators with a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that lets users tap into remote rendering power.

JPMorgan successfully completes its first DeFi trade on a public blockchain

The global financial giant JP Morgan completed its first-ever cross-border transaction using DeFi on a public blockchain with the help of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Guardian.

The pilot was another step into examining how traditional financial institutions can use tokenized assets and DeFi protocols to conduct financial transactions, among other use cases.

Symbiogenesis: Square Enix introduces its first Ethereum NFT game

After developing and publishing some of the most successful video game franchises of all time, the Japanese firm has unveiled its first game that will make use of NFTs: Symbiogenesis.

Symbiogenesis is described as a “digital collectible art experience” anchored by NFT artwork, which works within the game and can also be used as a social media profile picture (PFP).

Metazuckbot: Web3 game features Mark Zuckerberg as supervillain

The Rabbit Hole, a web3 game by AMGI Studios, features characters that are “posed to defend Web3 from the corporate overlord, Metazuckbot.”

Metazuckbot runs the in-game ZuckCorp, where the thuggish but cute bunny protagonists from the My Pet Hooligan NFT collection were previously imprisoned and forced to mine Karrot. Now free, they roam the city alongside the villain’s former slaves, ZuckBot.

Google Cloud introduces blockchain node engine for Web3 developers

As a node-hosting service, Google’s Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) enables Web3 companies to relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read or write blockchain data directly on Google Cloud.

The service intends to place nodes behind a virtual private cloud firewall, allowing only trusted machines and users to communicate with endpoints. Ethereum will be the first blockchain supported by BNE.

Visa dives deep into Web3 space by filing crypto and NFT related trademark applications

Payments giant Visa is filing trademark applications to create a digital assets exchange, a crypto wallet, non-fungible tokens, and virtual environments where users can interact.

Earlier this year, the credit card giant also launched an NFT-focused program for crypto entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to incorporate NFT technology into their business models.

Meta and L’Oréal partner to launch metaverse startup accelerator

Meta struck a partnership with makeup brand L’Oréal and French business school HEC Paris backing a new startup acceleration program for creativity in the metaverse.

It will aim to help businesses that specialise in 3D production, AR, VR, mixed reality, avatar creation, portability in user experience, token economy or other topics related to the metaverse and web3.

Google searches for Web3 outgrow Bitcoin searches

Global Google searches for Bitcoin have reached their lowest point in over a year, while Google searches for Web3 have recorded an all-time high in terms of peak popularity in 2022.

The interest in Web3 stands at 72, while for Bitcoin, the number has come down to 27 — a three-times difference based on peak performance.

Disney launches web3 music store to celebrate its 100th anniversary

Disney collaborated with its Accelerator participant Obsess, an e-commerce platform known for creating interactive virtual storefronts, to release a new web3 experience for its Disney Music Emporium online store.

The 3D 360 virtual experience lets fans discover soundtracks and songs from popular Disney films and TV shows by clicking on various vinyl records and CDs throughout the virtual space.

‘Lord of the Rings’ NFTs are on the way as Warner Bros. partners with web3 startup Eluvio

“The Fellowship of the Ring” NFTs feature a 4K UHD, 3-hour-and-48-minute extended version of the 2001 film, over eight hours of bonus footage and commentary, image galleries and hidden AR collectibles.

Eluvio is rolling out the NFTs via its Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Once purchased, you can launch the web3 movie experience and stream the extended movie from the media wallet.