WebEngage Launches WYSIWYT [What You See Is What You Target]

WYSIWYT by lets you build dynamic rules without using any codes. These rules can be based on visual content or data seen on the website.
For eCommerce websites, cart abandonment is a stage where they lose customers. WYSIWYT can help reduce cart abandonment by providing an instant discount coupon code to the user once they abandon the shopping cart on the website.

Webengage Intent
Webengage Intent
WYSIWYT can also be used to send push notifications to users who have signed in on to a website. Once a user logs in to a website, if there is a “logged in” or “sign out” button that indicates the user has logged in, a rule can be built to note that “sign in does not exist” which will figure out that the user has logged in and will send them a notification (more details here).

Decoding WebEngage’s Culture Code: “Our core belief is that great people make great product which makes a great company”

is a 3 year old fast-growing, Mumbai based startup that offers context based messaging on SaaS platform for online businesses.


WebEngage is a DIY product which makes click-stream data actionable. A large part of online marketing revolves around getting visitors on to the website. Marketing teams have very little control on what all can they do with prospects once they are ON the website, in realtime – primarily because everything they want to do on the site has a development team or IT dependency.

That’s where WebEngage comes in. WebEngage helps online marketers and product teams engage with visitors on their site, in real-time, without changing any code on their site. This includes the ability to push targeted messages with call-to-action, run highly targeted surveys and collect feedback.

The founders at WebEngage, Avlesh and Ankit, built Burrp.com earlier. A bulk of WebEngage’s current team comprises folks from Burrp. Apart from that, the members in development team come from diverse backgrounds of payments, consumer internet and data mining.

The firm’s core belief is that great people make great product which makes a great company.

“We spend a lot of time trying to find a cultural fit. There have been numerous occasions in the past when we chose to let go, even when the candidate was an excellent technical fit. It is important for us to keep the culture of debate and openness intact”, says Avlesh.

no-nonsense-hereThe firm believes in a keeping an open environment and hence does not have any cabins.


pratyushApart from the usual fun environment, awesome people, Friday beer evenings, what really stood out for me in this firm (and in a very striking manner) is the openness with which both Avlesh and Ankit discuss and inform us anything involving the firm. Be it on the funding side, growth or discussing about product ideas they are exploring. Moving from Microsoft, it was huge breather for me to find a non-hierarchical and non-close-doors type workplace. The ease with which people got me fit in was just amazing!
– Pratyush, Lead Engineer. Apart from contributing to WE’s web product, he is leading the efforts on building WE’s mobile offering.

Prashant (1)It feels great to be part of, what is regarded as one of the successful start-ups in Mumbai. Creating a new market is not easy, IMO, which WebEngage has been doing amazingly well. Three years at WebEngage now is been quite a ride. Almost, every day at WebEngage is full of new challenges and everybody here loves it too 🙂 If I say programmers here eat, sleep and drink code, I will not be exaggerating 😉 I love the enthusiasm in the team when it comes to problem solving and debating over almost anything. Fun opportunities are never missed too, be it gaming or partying. It’s been a pleasure working with this team of motivated souls. Looking forward to create many more memories to cherish with the team and make our work count.
Prashant, API Engineer. He builds and maintains WE’s core infrastructure that supports thousands of customers globally.

Members of the firm spend a lot of time with new hires to make them gel well the team. It’s a collective effort that the firm puts into it. And, here’s the outcome!

Impressed, huh? WebEngage is currently hiring Software Developers to join their team in Mumbai! Take up this challenge, and you might stand a chance!

Mobile Application Developer – WebEngage – Mumbai

Senior Java Developer – WebEngage – Mumbai

User Interface Developer – WebEngage – Mumbai

Data Engineer – WebEngage – Mumbai

WebEngage is one firm completely obsessed with perfection. The teams there claim that their collective passion and commitment to create a wonderful product is what drives them every day.

Manish“Your choice of company trumps everything else. It is more important than your job title, your compensation or your responsibilities” ~ I_Just_Like_It.
My main motivation to join WebEngage was centered around the incredible co-founders that Avlesh and Ankit are. I worked with these guys at Burrp and it was easy for me to understand their vision. I have grown leaps and bounds as a professional and a human being here at WebEngage.
The company has a big vision to help online businesses engage with their users in best possible ways. At WebEngage, all of us work hard every day to make it happen.
Manish, Principal Engineer. Also the first hire in the company and has pretty much seen all its ups and downs.

Almost everyone in engineering team at WebEngage reply to customer support emails. The team says that they are not just code monkeys and that the most important aspect of the firm is that team members help each other to learn and grow together – as one team, as one company.

radhikaComing from a D school I was used to a certain degree of freedom in my work environment. I then joined an MNC which had a serious culture and way of working. It took me almost 3 years to decide to make a move to a startup.
And move I did – into WebEngage, an energetic company with colleagues from whom I have learnt a lot. I was a “code-averse designer”, but I have now picked up the basics of coding thanks to the encouragement of my founders and teammates who are extremely patient. I have made some great friends too! The fun in this company is endless. The environment might be quiet for one moment and bursting with energy in the . This startup has given me the freedom that I needed to evolve as a designer and channelize my thoughts in producing designs that bear the trademark of a world class product.
Thanks to my team, I have not only evolved into a better designer but also a better person. Our DNA has been on the lines of “got a problem? we are available”. Self-improvement is not enforced, its imbibed deep in our culture. We are WE – the most amazing startup team to be a part of!
-Radhika, Lead Designer. She takes care of all things visual and experience at WE.

The team at WE call themselves unstoppable, unhindered and shameless. Here’s a proof –

On the tech side, Pratyush feels proud that he is a part of one of the best tech teams in the area. “It is not about just writing code but how well the code is designed and can be reused and this notion is adhered by the whole team in general. Working with this bunch, I have learned a lot in these few months both professionally and personally. It has been an awesome learning stint for me”, he says.

You can also checkout WebEngage’s Blog here.

Here are some images of WE’s new office in Mumbai:




WebEngage Launches Feature to Target Customers Who Are About to Leave Your Website


Mumbai based customer feedback and survey tools startup, has launched its new ‘Leave Intent Based Targeting’ feature with which website owners can quickly target a user who is about to leave the site.

Site owners can choose to display a survey or a notification to website visitors who are about to leave the site. The service achieves this by detecting the users mouse clicks and movements.

Once the service detects that the user is going for the browser’s close button or moving for a different tab in the browser window, a pre-configured survey or notification pops up on the page.

webengage notofication

This service is currently available only with the new premium and enterprise plans. For now the feature will work only on desktop browsers, support for mobile browsers is in the works.

To implement the feature the owners need to create a survey or a notification for the leaving customer and then check the box for ‘Leave Intent Targeting’ option in the targeting tab. You can read the details of the feature here.

Back in September this year, WebEngage launched its enhanced integration code, a JavaScript API. Using the properties and callbacks of Notification JavaScript API, users can design a variety of interactions on their website.

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Now, Build A Realtime Conversion Engine On Your Website [WebEngage Notifications API]

, which provides customer engagement tools for the website, has launched an enhanced integration code, a JavaScript API. Using the properties and callbacks of Notification JavaScript API, one can design variety of interactions on their website.


The Notification feature is a push messaging tool. You can enable display offers, run promotions or pop system alerts on your website, all done from the single dashboard of WebEngage. Further, the API allows targeted and personalised notification options and real time interactions.

The code supports “tokens” which can be used to create hyper personalised messages. It allows creating dynamic content inside a notification.

Using custom data, you can pass more information related to the customers viewing a notification or clicking on the call-to-action button. That ways, you can dice-and-slice the CTR information in your reporting section based on all the data you passed.[details]

For targeting particular and specific users which have a certain criteria, the API allows you to create custom targeting rules and callback events. It also supports custom data, which allows you to pass more information related to customers viewing a notification or clicking a call to action button.

View the detailed document here.


WebEngage launches custom targeting for shopping cart abandonment (and more)

We earlier profiled an interesting startup NudgeSpot which enables ecommerce companies to retarget shopping cart abandonment via site alerts. And an obvious question was that why is not doing the same, after all the entire product is based on site alerts as a core offering.

WebEngage has now announced the launch of custom targeting solution that lets you run campaigns and promotions based on deep, application specific rules.

For instance, you can use notifications to run promotions on the checkout page for, say, users who have added items to the cart but haven’t checked out in a certain timeframe.Using custom targeting, you can optionally configure to run these promotions only for a certain value of the cart size or number of items in cart or only for items from a certain category [more].

Happy Hour Promos @WebEngage
Happy Hour Promos @WebEngage

Given WebEngage’s core offering which is around visitor targeting, the feature (available only under premium/enterprise plans) will have many takers in the ecommerce space, which is lately understanding the meaning of customer acquisition (they equated customer acquisition with transaction acquisition).

WebEngage launches Notification tool : A DIY messaging tool for your website

When Webengage launched its survey tool, one of the feature request I had for the team was to launch a notification tool, which I believe was one of the main reasons for the success of products like Wibiya.

The WebEngage  team has now announced the launch of its notification tool, which is a a plug-n-play, DIY messaging tool for your website (we are currently testing the tool on Pi). The notification can be used to announce new products, announce discounts or any sort of messaging you’d like to share with your website visitor.


Importantly, the notification tool follows the smart rules engine WebEngage has built – i.e. you can target visitors by n number of parameters, including browser, location, number of visits, referrals (search engine, Facebook page etc), time spent etc.

As far as reports are concerned, you get a detailed report on browser type, the CTRs, city based distribution of respondents and clicks timeline. Maybe, it’s time for webEngage team to launch vertical specific packages (for say, content companies, ecommerce, travel etc), targeting specific use-cases? [Update: WebEngage has launched JS API]

WebEngage earlier raised seed funding from IAN and the company has bagged customers like Cleartrip, Future Bazaar, makeMyTrip Yatra etc (recommended read: How a geek learnt the art (& science) of sales [Pluggd.in TV])

WebEngage Secures Seed Funding From IAN

, the Mumbai based startup that started with a web annotation idea and later pivoted into a customer engagement tool/feedback service has raised its first round of funding from IAN.webengage

The funding was actually closed 3-4 months back, but has been announced officially today. The investors in WebEngage include active angel investors Rajan Anandan, Sunil Kalra, Sadeesh Raghavan, Ashim Mehra, Nitin Singhal, Pradeep Gupta and Harish Mehta.

Launched in May, 2011, WebEngage (rebranded from WebKlipper) has two core products focused on customer engagement – feedback and contextual surveys. While existing engagement tools like UserVoice and GetSatisfaction gather feedback, WebEngage goes deeper allowing publishers to create surveys that can be targeted at visitors on their website based on behaviour, geography and profile to seamlessly gather proactive feedback to improve their product offering and drive conversions.

When Pluggd.in last reviewed Webengage, here is what we mentioned:

An important feature present in WebKlipper to enable rule based notifications that will help publishers to create site alerts based on a certain rules:

  • Target a question at visitors coming from certain geography(ies):
  • You can ask a very specific question to a visitor from search engines (all major ones supported). E.g. This survey will only be visible to visitors who come via Google search.
  • Target a question at visitors for a particular page(s) on your website: You can create a different survey for your product page and a separate one for your pricing page.
  • Target a question at visitors spending x amount of time on your site.

The product does solves a serious pain and has grabbed customers like Cleartrip, JustEat, one97 etc. The key for WebEngage is to grow beyond the Indian market and ensure SAAS based pricing model (recurring payments) for overseas customers.

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WebEngage.com raises first round of funding from Indian Angel Network


Mumbai, October 17, 2011: Mumbai-based tech start-up, offering customer engagement tools for web businesses, WebEngage (http://webengage.com), has raised its first round of funding from Indian Angel Network. The funds will be utilized in expanding product offering, creating technology differentiators, marketing and human capital.

Launched in May, 2011, WebEngage has two core products focused on customer engagement – feedback and contextual surveys. While existing engagement tools like UserVoice and GetSatisfaction gather feedback, WebEngage goes deeper allowing publishers to create surveys that can be targeted at visitors on their website based on behaviour, geography and profile to seamlessly gather proactive feedback to improve their product offering and drive conversions.

WebEngage was founded by ex-engineering team members at burrp.com – the local lifestyle portal that was acquired by Infomedia18 in 2009. Speaking on the first round of funding from IAN, Avlesh Singh, co-founder & CEO, WebEngage said, “From concept to execution, we knew that WebEngage will usher in a new era in customer engagement on the web. We have already come out of private beta and closed deals with 400 web businesses including Cleartrip, Future Group, One97 and Just-Eat Global. This shows the faith that consumer centric companies have in WebEngage product and how we can create positive impact on their online businesses.”

” It is a privilege to have industry stalwarts as our investors and we are confident that the investment will help us accelerate growth and expand in markets outside India. We have added IAN member and lead investor Rajan Anandan to the company’s board”, Avlesh added.

The first round of funding has been raised from the Indian Angel Network, India’s largest organized angel network. The investors in WebEngage include active angel investors Rajan Anandan, Sunil Kalra, Sadeesh Raghavan, Ashim Mehra, Nitin Singhal, Pradeep Gupta and Harish Mehta.

Rajan Anandan, an active investor in early stage technology companies, who led the investment from the network said, “The worldwide web has now crossed two billion users and there are millions of web based businesses across the world. Deeply engaging with users is one of the most important priorities for such businesses and WebEngage provides simple, yet powerful SaaS based solutions to help businesses achieve customer satisfaction, marketing and sales objectives. We are confident that WebEngage will set new standards in customer engagement, and real time customer feedback.

Indian Angel Network, early investors in WebEngage, is the first and largest pan-India Angel network comprising several of India’s successful entrepreneurs and CEOs who share a passion for early stage businesses. The Network has over 170 members and has made more than 25 investments across multiple sectors like IT, Mobile and Education and has made several successful exits.