Startup Roundup: Freshbazaar, Shopr, BuyHatke and Woolor

Besides the ones we profiled in detail, here’s a look at a few interesting startups we came across last week: Freshbazaar- the online supermarket. Shopr- another online supermarket, BuyHatke- a price comparison and discovery engine and Woolor- lists online companies based in India.

All about Online coupon sales and eCommerce in India

There are over a hundred coupon aggregation sites in India and over the last 2 years, the online coupon aggregation and distribution space has been witnessing significant traction. The space is showing strong signs of maturity like big markets in the west.

What e-commerce in India looks like [Recap 2012]

This year was a meaningful one for ecommerce in India. From the launch of Amazon’s to the acquisition of Letsbuy by Flipkart, the year 2012 saw consolidation, acquisition, policy changes, behavioral shift and a profound change in the e-commerce business model.