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Sponsored: In an industry synonymous with creativity and innovation, the bar for business excellence is always set on the higher side. With more and more audience turning to the web for consuming their daily content, digital transformation is the only option for every sub-sector of the media and entertainment industry.

Take your media content into fast lane [1]

Today, a reality, which every media CEO has started to accept, is where there was once a dearth of content, now there is a practically unlimited content supply coming from all possible sources including the traditional & new media which gets further amplified via social media.

According to a CII report, our Indian media and Entertainment industry is growing at 20%, and despite the economic slowdown, the industry is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18%. The industry is arguably going through a phase of evolution, as it faces the challenge of continuously emerging technologies.

With the entrance of digital & social media ecosystems, the very idea of ‘ content’ has turned upside down due to which the industry has to introduce certain changes to their business processes which can merge creativity & technology seamlessly, in order to retain the current growth momentum.

While the Government of India is trying their bit to bring innovations through policy making, one such example is where Ministry of Information & Broadcasting wants to build last mile data connectivity by providing broadcasting content through the National Optical Fibre Network (a network of cables) that will help connect 2.5 lac gram panchayats via broadband.

With demand for digital content getting into the fast lane, media companies need to embrace newer technology, develop new scalable distribution models and satisfy the demands of a content hungry consumer, and keeping the operating cost impact to bare minimum.

There is a wise saying, “If content is king, audience is the king maker”, and rightly so, with so many content choices around, media companies are finding it tough to grow their loyal audience base. At the same time, production costs needs to be continuously optimised for better operating margins, efficiencies need to be found in content production, management, and distribution.

On the revenue side, many companies own huge archives of non-digital content and are eager to find ways to generate income from this huge repository of intellectual property. To do this, media companies may have to do massive investments into digital infrastructure & an equal amount in building key resources. Incidentally, HP offers scalable solutions for the Communications, Media and Entertainment industry with a full range of infrastructure IT, software solutions and enterprise services.

HP services & solutions completely optimises your IT and Turn on Innovation for better Business Efficiency. Its low-cost and easy-to-operate network-attached storage solutions helps in building a robust digital supply chain (powered by cloud), which is also a perfect blueprint for enjoying innovation, faster time to market with the potential to reduce your capex & opex.

With aesthetics & visual packaging a huge factor in the media entertainment industry, HP’s world class enterprise devices have surprised many with their stunning looks and performance.

These devices not just enhance general office productivity but also enable specialised media companies to save time with their color corrected display devices & intelligent printing solutions.
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