Taking Notes Gets Easier with TxtPad & Bat Notes [Indian Startups]

We often have bits and pieces of information floating around us all the time, be it when we are at the computer or on our mobiles. While Evernote is probably the default note saving service for many, some users find it clunky and complicated to use. Here are two lightweight tools by India based startups, which may not be as feature rich as Evernote, but will help you save notes from the web, Twitter or from an SMS easily. While these apps are still in the beta stages the developers have big plans for the services.


txtpad-logoTxtPad is a tool which makes it easy to create and manage quick, short notes from anywhere. At present it allows you to save messages from a text message, by a tweet or from the web.

The reason the developers came up with this service is because they found a need for an app which could suffice just for taking basic notes and also have a good search and note management.

TxtPad is in still in the pre-beta stage, and one needs to request for an invite to use the service.

We tried the service and found it extremely easy to use. The user interface on the web is simple and one can access all functions from one screen. The best part about this service is one can save a note with a hashtag which makes it easier to find later. No more folders and categories. One can browse tags alphabetically. While this was useful, it would have been nice to have our tags displayed all in one place considering there is a lot of wasted screen space.

Apart from searching by hashtags, one can search the notes by text also. The search works flawlessly and quickly.

You can also use the Chrome extension to save a web page quickly from the web, or while tweeting, tweet with #txt and the tweet will automatically be saved in TxtPad. Users can also send a SMS to +918224889900 and your note will be saved immediately. To use the SMS and Tweet function one would have to link your account/number with TxtPad first.


In future the team plans to add more browser extensions, as well as develop mobile apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. We would also love to see a feature where hashtags are suggested automatically.

TxtPad has been developed by Jabalpur (M.P) based Studio 21 which was co-founded by Ajeet Singh Pawar, Anurag Tiwari and Sumant Dubey. The firm has also built Net My Store, which provides low cost, ready made, online Stores for small businesses and startups.

Bat Notes

batnotes-logo-logoBat Notes is another note taking app that is still in the prototype stages. While a little bit more basic than TxtPad, it also allows you to easily save particular tweets with a hashtag to a central location, so that you need have to go through your timeline to locate something important.

The app is primarily aimed at Twitter users who are not information creators, but use it to consume information.

The developers came up with the app after they noticed that they was sharing articles that they would like to read later but often forgot to bookmark it or use services like Kippt, which required an additional step. With this service all one has to do is append #bat while tweeting. This app does take a couple of minutes for the tweet to appear in the Inbox.

Once the tweet appears in the Bat Mobile Inbox one can sort it out into Notes which is basically folders so that users can easily sort through tweets. Unfortunately there is no search functionality or a chrome extension to save notes yet but the developers say they are working on those functionalities along with a search bar and mobile apps.


The developers also plan to add a feature which would automatically save retweets and favorites without even adding the hashtag. As we know most Twitter users use the Favorite button to actually bookmark links so that they can read it later. So this will be really useful to those people.

The app has been developed by Shobhit Bakliwal and Gaurav Swaroop, who are undergrads at BITS, Pilani studying electronics. While Shobhit works on the backend, Gaurav works on the front end and graphics. Their favorite framework is Ruby on Rails and they love to hack small applications using it.

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