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TalentEquity – Rate/Review your Employer

TalentEquity is a startup focusing on aggregating salary information/company ratings from employees. While there are other players like jobeehive and criticat, I am sure there is enough room for few more players to play in this market.

TalentEquity’s basic premise is anonymity of reviewers – in order to collect the most relevant and honest reviews.

The company page is nicely done (especially Salary tab) – surfaces relevant content to a certain extent (has partnered with Faayda.com for showing related jobs on the site), but what TalentEquity lacks is the notion of opinion/reviews (take a leaf from glassdoor and you will understand what I mean).

There are quite a few dead zones in the site – for instance, what is ‘close comment’? (the entire review page is quite confusing), but that’s fine as long as they focus on attracting UGC.

TalentEquity boasts of 20000 reviews and salaries from over 2600 employers – though not sure whether anonymous rating/review stands credibility (In a public forum, people are far more responsible when they are themselves, compared to anonymous rumblings).

Infact, the biggest opportunity which TalentEquity will miss is business networking – after all, one can’t put a name/face to review.

While I understand that anonymity is important, it’s also important to give users an option whether they want their reviews to carry their name/profile etc or not – otherwise where’s user’s ego massage/user gratification?

What’s your opinion?

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