TalkHouse – a desktop music player that listens to you


TalkHouse – a desktop music player that listens to you

Lazy bums have got another reason to cheer..TalkHouse.

Personally speaking, I have close to 8 GB of songs and most of the times, I find it difficult to search for what I am looking for [end up using Google Desktop search]..

But life would have been much simpler if I can simply say “Pink Floyd Time” and the song jumps out of nowhere.

TalkHouse has developed an inbuilt speech retrieval/voice recognition engine which will basically understand your “voice” and search for the media.
No need to type, no need to search!!

And now the bad news:
The trial version lasts only 7 days and is quite a pain in the a**, as you need to enter the trial key every time you launch TalkHouse.
The paid version costs $25.

By the way, there are way too many jagged edges in the product – I got too many “Null pointer exception’ and finally I stopped using the product.

Lesson for startups:
Make sure that your trial product lasts atleast 1 month. End consumers have other businesses/ products to take care of and 1 week is too small a time frame to decide whether I want to buy the product or not.

TalkHouse plans to work with manufacturers of audio player products to incorporate their voice retrieval technology in different musical players – car, home work etc…
Give it a spin. It’s surely worth a try.

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