BrightPod Brings a Bright Perspective to Task Management for Digital Marketers [100 Invites]

Why do you need a dedicated collaboration tool/task management tool for digital marketers? After all, there are already quite a few task management tools available in the market?

Well, the answer lies in the very fact that most of the project management tools are designed for generic use-cases and configuring them to match your requirement is a tough task.

And comes BrightPod, a collaboration tool developed by Synage Software, the company behind project management tool, DeskAway.

BrightPod helps you plan, organise & track all your digital marketing & creative projects in one place. All you need to do is create Pods (i.e. Projects) using a custom workflow or you can also use some of the standard workflows, bring your team and start assigning tasks.

Like any task management tool, you can add team members, assign tasks to them etc and track projects/team activity.

What BrightPod brings to the table is a super simplified user experience – apart from the fact that the product is simple to use (even marketers can use it!) as opposed to others like Asana which are mostly meant for tech community.

A few features of BrightPod needs mention:

  • Round Up – involve your clients without having them log in.
  • Workflows – automate marketing campaigns. Setup your own workflows to speed things up.
  • Focus – just focus on a few tasks and get them done well. Any task that you ‘star’ will show up on the ‘Focus’ page (just like Gmail’s labels).
  • Archive – retrieve anything that has been deleted within 30 days.
  • Leaderboard – a little bit of gaming to help improve team’s productivity.
  • Reply via Email – Participate in discussions by replying to emails.
  • Daily Digest – get a daily email with stuff that happened the previous day.
  • Notifications are handled graciously and it’s obvious that BrightPod team has gone through multiple iterations to come up with the final version.

In short, a fresh perspective to collaboration and smartly targeted towards a segment (marketers) which is very often neglected by other task management tools.

Having said that, the team needs to focus on a few key areas :  

What exactly is a Pod? What happens when you ‘Create a Pod?‘. That is, the product jargons aren’t that intuitive enough for one to get started.

2. The Homepage.
We recently covered 10+ Inspirational SAAS Landing pages and I’d strongly recommend BrightPod team to clarify the messaging/target segment more succinctly (less texty?). The messaging is more generic and undermines the capability/focus of the product. 

If you are wondering why would Synage, the company behind project management tool DeskAway launch another task management tool? Why not launch a vertical version of DeskAway?

Sahil, founder of the company mentions

“It was better to create a new brand and start from a clean slate. DeskAway is a general purpose project management tool used by companies in many different verticals. Brightpod is a niche SaaS tool targeted towards digital marketers. Clients are spending more and more money on Digital marketing. Marketing firms have more work that they can handle. This is where Brightpod comes in.”

100 Invite code for NextBigWhat Readers.
GO ahead, grab your Pod. Use code NBW to signup for BrightPod. And when you do, we also recommend that you share feedback with the BrightPod team and help them improve the offering. 

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