Tastykhana Thinks Out-of-the-Box With ExpressBOX [FoodTech]

Tastykhana, Pune based online food ordering portal, has pushed the limits of technology further into easing the process of online food ordering for its customers. The firm, which raised strategic investment of $5mn from global player Delivery Hero, has launched ExpressBOX, a product developed and patented by Delivery Hero, to speed up the process of ordering food.

Tastykhana's ExpressBOX
Tastykhana’s ExpressBOX

TastyKhana‘s ExpressBox is an economical, reliable and sturdy device that uses a Global Sim Card connected to the local mobile network to communicate with Tastykhana’s portal, thereby notifying the restaurant about real time orders placed by customers over the website. As the customer places an order, the respective restaurant gets an alert on the expressBOX installed with them, by a blinking blue light and a notification tone.

“Considering that each minute is important for our customer, the ExpressBox reduces delivery time by 20 minutes as the order is directly submitted at the restaurant cutting down on the time and facilitating quick and convenient food delivery”, says Shachin Bharadwaj, CEO & Founder of Tastykhana. Bharadwaj also mentioned that the boxes have been installed in 20% of the restaurants and will soon be out in all the 7000+ restaurants partnered with Tastykhana.

Siddharth Joshi, Founder of Eatsome, one of TastyKhana.in’s partner restaurants, which has ExpressBox installed in 14 outlets in Pune says,the orders are received instantly once the customer submits the order on Tastykhana.in. When an order is received on the BOX, we can accept or decline it based on the rush at our outlet & the customers are very well informed about the status of the order. This ensures that all orders are properly tracked and they are not delayed even during rush hours.”

With the increasing number of international companies who have strategically planned to enter the Indian food industry through mergers, acquisitions and funding, innovations like these could soon transform into a milestone.

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