Tata Capital, NVP and Charles River Ventures invest $32mn in Vanu

Vanu, the software radio maker has raised Series B funding of $32mn from Tata Capital, NVP and Charles River Ventures.

Vanu, founded by Vanu Bose (son of Amar Bose of Bose corp) will use the funds for expansion in India and US. – source

A software-based radio can tune automatically to any frequency, without having to put different radio transmitters for different technologies, very similar to an operating system of a computer that can run different applications such as word processing or an excel worksheet.

“Companies using software defined radio can save almost 50% in their capital expenditure, and at least 30% more on operational expenditure, which involves maintaining remote sites by regular physical checks,

Vanu is betting big on the Indian market and earlier signed up with GTL to develop solutions for sharing active infrastructure by mobile operators.

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