Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction – Confucius

In a complex world like ours it becomes difficult to focus on the most basic needs with so many unwanted things competing for attention that leaves us struggling to make the right decisions. With so many thoughts clouding our mind there is hardly any space left to enjoy or even notice the simple pleasures of life. We need to de-clutter and filter out the unnecessary and reframe the most common question we ask ourselves, “What do we WANT?” to “what do I NEED?”

Telecom today is an integral part of our lives. Someone wisely said – ‘A man can go without water for 7 days, without food for 17 days and without mobile phone – for 1 hour!’ But contrarily something as important often ends up being the most complex! For those who are wondering how – try deciphering your mobile bill, or speaking to a customer care executive, or subscribing to a Value Added Service!

While other brands ‘promise’ to give us their best, Tata DOCOMO has already taken a leap of faith and launched the Keep it Simple – Eureka! leg to their KISS & WIN Contest. While Tata DOCOMO, in its own way has tried to simplify lives for us (Dial 121, press 9 to speak to their customer care executives) , they still want to reach out and get interesting ideas from the Facebook’ers on the various ideas to simplify telecom life .

You can now share your suggestions and be a part of the simplifier’s battalion by sharing your ideas on simplifying the complications in the telecom industry. All you need to do is list out a few suggestions on modifying current services or creating new ones which according to you will work best at making your communication experience glitch free.

There is no limit on the number of entries that a person can give. However mandatory for the ideas to be original and not copied! Dont think Tata DOCOMO has an appetite to follow someone else’s footsteps!

Moreover, they have BlackBerry handsets to give away as prizes and a prestigious letter of appreciation signed by the senior management of Tata DOCOMO. I think I will have end this post now – because as I write there are already a few strands of thought bubbles which I think may get me a handset or two! See you there! Log on to www.facebook.com /tatadocomo and voice your opinion now.

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