Tata’s Eka Supercomputer Goes Cost Effective (for Enterprises) – Rented as a Service


Tata’s Eka Supercomputer Goes Cost Effective (for Enterprises) – Rented as a Service

Tata’s EKA supercomputer (ranked 13th among world’s top supercomputers) has devised a ‘desi’ way of monetizing – by renting the supercomputer to enterprises.

  • Tata Elxsi used Eka’s processing power to crunch the time required for rendering the animation movie, ‘Roadside Romeo.’ The activity, which would have taken the firm approximately 36-40 months to digitally render the movie in a studio, took only six months, due to the computing power of Eka. It is also significant to note that the firm achieved this feat using only one-third of the processing power of Eka
  • Boeing is using Eka’s capability to bring its ideas faster to the market, by offering design and simulation support. Group company, Tata Motors, is using Eka for vehicle simulation and testing digital prototypes. – source

We have tracked Tata EKA right from the day it was launched and what impresses the most is CRL’s (Computational Research Laboratories, Tata Sons’ subsidiary that build Eka) clear plans on making concrete effort towards using their R&D/IP for ‘real-life’ purposes; and most importantly, daring attitude to monetize by renting the supercomputer to enterprises (world’s first?)

A clear difference when intelligence + big thinking comes to responsible private hands as opposed to government (do you know that most of supercomputers at research institutions are lying idle?).

What is it about Tata’s that they are able to innovate so fast? Insights?

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