Tata Nano’s ultra cheap alternative – car for Rs. 11,000!

Tata Nano made it to headlines with an apt catchyline “A promise is a promise”.

Now Mr. Ratan Tata needs to to revisit the made promise, as he might face a stiff competition from 5 kids.

Well, 5 students from Ahmedabad have built a car just for Rs. 11,000, i.e. 1/10th of Nano’s cost – a “ready-to-drive” four-wheeler out of unusable scrap material.

“The rear window of the car has been sourced from a Fiat 1965 model. A Kinetic scooter’s and TVS Scooty’s tyres make up the wheels of the car. The petrol tank is an unusable old geyser from a neighbour’s home, which has been connected to a gutter pipe and stuck with strong adhesive.

The tank has a 3-4 litre capacity. A 125cc Honda engine ripped off from a Kinetic scooter is the vehicle’s engine. In fact, other than a hydraulic brake, every other component of the car is scrap material.” – source

Though the car doesn’t have any commercial viability, but to me, these are the milestones in “Technology Leadership“, that India talks of.

Whats your take?

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