moneysights launches Facebook app–Now Plan Tax Saving on Facebook

moneysights, the Bangalore based startup that is trying to change the way an average investor makes decisions regarding investing in Stocks & Mutual Funds has launched its Facebook app for tax saving purpose.

Tax Savings on Facebook
Tax Savings on Facebook

In general, it still is difficult to decide on tax saving instruments and while there are quite a few tax calculators available online,  moneysights’s magic starts where the calculators’ number ends. The app starts with the amount you plan to invest for saving tax and based on one’s risk profile, it will throw couple of options (of Mutual funds) for one to diversify the investment.

moneysight : Gains you'd have made
moneysight : Gains you'd have made

The neatly done app helps you compare Mutual fund performance and shows gains you could have made if you had invested in the fund 3 years back. Once done, you will be taken to moneysights site where you can transact.

The app is mainly meant for people who have very little or no investment strategy to help them look at viable options and given that moneysights has seen a good success with social media channels (30% of the site traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter), expect the app to generate a lot of leads (and social conversation) for the site.

Do give the app a spin and share your comments.

By the way, this is my most fav screen from the app:

"No, I don't like sharing good things with my friends"
"No, I don't like sharing good things with my friends"

Aside, moneysights has raised $270K From Blume Ventures & Inmobi founder, Naveen Tewari

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