App Analytics : How TaxiForSure Grew App Usage By 2X [bigMobiConf]

Analytics are critical in creating great products and delivering the highest value to customers – conversion funnels, growth hacking, new features, campaign analysis, A/B testing all live and die by the data sword. How do things change when we deliver products on a mobile device?Satej.-S-Head-of-Products-TaxiForSure.Com_

Hear Satej from the team share lessons of how the right use of mobile analytics helped them grow their app usage 2x, achieve 60% launch-to-transaction funnel conversion, and reduce marketing expense by 30%.

This talk covers the Why, Who, How, and What of mobile analytics – Why should anyone bother with mobile analytics, Who in the company should be involved, How should they go about it, and What are the tools and approaches for doing this right?

The goal of this talk is to demystify mobile analytics and make it an integral part of product design and development.


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» Date/Venue/Agenda: Sep 13th Bangalore @Infantry Hotel (bigMobilityConf Site Link).

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