Why TaxiForSure Needs To Rethink Its App Experience

How many commoners understand the term ‘hatchback’?

I have been a long time user of TaxiForSure and while the company has done some great execution pieces (for e.g. their ‘scrappy’ jingle strategy), I believe the app experience needs a rethink.
Here is why.taxiforsure-app
1. The booking process is tedious.
Pin-pointing destination during booking is too much to ask for.
Apart from the fact that not all locations are geotagged (and hence, you can’t really pinpoint them), the biggest challenge is that booking a cab on TFS (+Ola/Uber/Meru) is very often a case of ‘fastest finger first’ and you don’t want to waste time in pin-pointing the destination information.
And of course, the entire feature loses its meaning when the driver asks you where do you want to go!!
2. ‘Hatchback..’?
How many commoners understand the term ‘hatchback’? My guess is not more than 10%.
Competition Ola and Uber use terms that go very well with what customers perceive an option as (mini/X et al). Hatchback? Not really!
The thumb rule is very simple – if you are confused about the messaging, think what Steve Jobs would have done!
3. 84 seconds
The moment you book a cab, TFS starts a reverse counter that starts with 84 seconds.
In this era of massive attention deficit, 84(seconds) is TOO long a timeline for one to wait (for a status update on the booking). Why not start from 1? Why not use better messaging (for e.g. contacting nearest cab/checking status/failed/contacting another cab/dispatching rocket 🙂 …etc).
Most of the times, I stop looking at the phone (or switch to another app) whenever I encounter the 84 number.
I understand the need to show the number, but hey! it is an internal metric and shouldn’t be exposed to the customer. It does no good during the booking process.
To put it contextually, TFS could be facing inventory issue in some parts of the city (this is my perception as a customer who hasn’t managed to use 2K worth of wallet money in the last 3 months as opposed to Ola where I have spent more than 7K).
Irrespective of the inventory issue and Ola’s acquisition bid, TFS needs to rethink its app strategy to bring back the zing!
PS : The idea behind this piece is to share a point of view, especially from product management eyes (and not to critic a company). TFS has been a good execution story so far, but I believe they really need to rethink and reimagine the evolving landscape and consumer behavior.

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