TaxiForSure Brings Tata Nano Onboard

The service will be priced at Rs. 25 for the first 2 k.m. and Rs. 10 / km after that,

TaxiForSure has launched their new category of Nano taxis. The service has been launched with 100 Nanos in Bangalore and will be expanded to other Indian cities in the coming weeks.

Nano Meets TaxiForSure
Nano Meets TaxiForSure

The Nano service will be available exclusively on the TaxiForSure app and mobile site in the ‘Pick Now’ option. The service will be priced at Rs. 25 for the first 2 k.m. and Rs. 10 / km after that.
The service competes with Uber’s ‘UberGO’ feature which provides hatchback cabs at prices comparatively cheaper than hiring an auto rickshaw and Ola’s auto rickshaws inventory.
A sort of revival for Nano, which has struggled to create a demand?
Aside, here is why TaxiForSure is doing it, i.e. focus on shorter distances.

  • Always round the corner : You’ll find a Nano always with-in a radius of 3 kms.
  • Prompt : It takes around 15 minutes for a Nano to arrive once you press Pick Now on the App.
  • Pocket-Friendly : Rs. 25/2km and Rs. 10/km after that. No night charges and waiting charges.
  • Ideal for short distances : It’s small, arrives promptly, cuts through traffic, and costs incredibly less. Need we say more?
  1. This kind of service should have started long back. Tier II and tier III cities will definitely find the benefit provided TaxisForSure expands to these markets.

  2. Majority of the customers in Taxi space fear taxi’s taking them for a ride, irrespective of service provider – no way to check that except in fixed price prepaid cabs. Yet to see a cab provider which offers an option to customer to book a cab and pay lower of the two : 1) a reasonable pre determined price (more below). 2) what comes on meter.
    What is reasonable pre determined price? The usual prepaid in India at railway stations and airports are at least ~15-20% higher than a fair meter rate, hence doesn’t solve the purpose. What can be done is to have a Google maps (or any other maps) based distance calculated from start to end and priced – waiting time can be accounted as per actuals, if and only if the same route as proposed was followed. Caveat 1: the customers should have no choice of route to be taken (except at specific points) if they opt for this. When multiple routes are in question: the driver can at critical junctures pause and ask the customer from a real time maps display – which route he wants to take and accordingly the prepaid rate of the customer will get update – so strictly, this is not fully prepaid, but the entire control of route manipulation is taken away from the driver’s hand, and there is a third party validation of the distance for any route taken.
    What is required? A fully indexed mapping of all the addresses of a city. Zone wise the service can be rolled out fro piloting.
    The Indian customer who is always sceptical of the cab driver, could finally start enjoying the mental peace of a chauffeur driven self car without worrying about the optimal route.

  3. There are tons of cab operators in India now and I still can flag a taxi while I am on the road. Am I missing something? How are these businesses going to ‘disrupt’ when they are all following the same model of ‘book ahead’.

  4. This is indeed a good innovation, though i am curious hows the investment for it arranged. Is Taxiforsure, buying all the nano’s with their money or are they arranging the loans for the taxi dirvers or something like that.

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