TCS Launches Real Time Twitter Sentiment Analysis App for Elections 2014

IT services major Tata Consultancy Services has launched an Android app called iElect, that generates social insights on India’s General Elections.

The app, which generates real time social insights on the elections has analysed over 3 million tweets so far and gives the user a sense of user’s sentiment analysis of politicians, parties and issues.

TCS iElect

It also highlights tweets that are viral and captures social commentary. An iOS app is in the works and will be launched soon, the company said.

NextBigWhat Review

After you install the app, it takes a while to get you to the next screen. Which is: a heavy legal disclaimer which runs into a few hundred words! This is an absolute turn off. But considering how big companies are sensitive about these things, let us for the sake of this review, look past the fine print.

Next, you get to a stunning visualization of the politicians who are trending on Twitter. Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Sanjay Jha and Dr Kumar Vishwas seem to be taking up all the mind-share. Of course Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is conspicuous by his absence.

More detailed views are also available. For instance, you could filter by parties and candidates. Clicking on a party or a candidate takes you to a neatly visualized sentiment analysis tool.

You can add your ideas to a manifesto and share it with friends, making your voice heard on the social media.

It also lets you create your own parliament by assigning seats to political outfits. I couldn’t find any mention of AAP, India’s fastest growing political startup in the ‘My parliament’ section. That was a disappointment. Or maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Over all, I can see myself spending some time on this. But it will be mostly a one time exercise.

The beta app can be downloaded here.

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