Kausshal Dugarr, Teabox

Introducing UnPluggd Speaker: Teabox founder, Kausshal [On building a global DTC brand, profitably]

The upcoming edition of UnPluggd conference brings you lesson on building great businesses from some of the most amazing founders across different industries.

Introducing to you, UnPluggd speaker – Kausshal Dugarr, cofounder and CEO of Teabox. At UnPluggd, Kausshal will share his lessons building a global D2C brand (Teabox ships to 123+ countries) and his journey to profitability. More about Teabox 👇

Teabox pioneered the Tea D2C space by setting up a completely backend driven farm to cup tea brand focused on the international markets. It is the only brand that has a 100% backend integration at source that enables it reduce the traditional tea producer to consumer time from 6 months to 10 days.

It is backed by marquee investors including Accel and also boasts of few customers becoming investors. Highlights of its journey:

  1. First Indian brand to ship to 123+ countries
  2. Established state of the art cold chain processing solutions to ensure fresness
  3. Raised $ quickly, probably too quickly
  4. Expanded aggressively into offline pre covid. Went from 65% offline revenue biz pre covid to 100% online revenue biz post Covid
  5. Achieved profitability

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