HoneyTask : The collaboration-meets-project management tool for startups and SMEs [+ Offer for Pi Readers]

There are quite a few collaboration/task management tools out there in the market, but most of them focus on specific aspects of collaboration. For instance, Yammer is more about team collaboration while Asana is more of task management.honeytask

Ideally, a team needs both and that’s where HoneyTask’s freshly launched product comes to your rescue. A product from Erode based Vheeds (we earlier profiled their task management tool called Nyabag), HoneyTask offers great set of features:

Project/Task management: Like any other project management tool, you can create a task/assign it to team members/assign deadlines etc.

Notifications: HoneyTask’s notification bar shows you exactly what’s happening or happened in any of your projects and tasks. You will get all those important notifications associated with your project on a real-time basis.

Chat: What’s really interesting about HoneyTask chat is the way it is designed – users can only participate in projects they are  associated with (i.e. no space for personal chatter). You can also download the chat transcript.

-Real-time communication/messaging.

The dashboard view : Dashboard is a central hub for all your projects where you can assign users, append notes and attachments, set milestones and even change status of your project. Just to share, I have requested Asana team to come up with dashboard view, atleast 5 times – so as a *manager/owner of multiple projects*, this is surely a much-needed feature.

– Reporting : You can get detailed reporting for projects, filter them out by users etc etc.

– Other feature includes Timesheet, Drop mail etc.

Overall, HoneyTask takes a traditional approach to project management, but brings in the much needed feature set that is often lacking in several task management/collaboration tools. Having said that, the team needs to really really work on the user experience – currently, it’s way too jagged especially given the fact that the customers of this tool will be using the product atleast 6-7 hours per day (in short, time to stop coding and start talking to prospective customer).

As far as pricing is concerned, the service follows freemium strategy – 2 users+ 1 project is free, but beyond that, you will be charged a premium fee.

2X offer for Pluggd.in readers

HoneyTask team is glad to share a 2X offer with first 50 users from Pluggd.in : use the code ‘WELOVEPLUGGDIN’ while signing up.

Do give HoneyTask a spin and share your comments – this is surely an interesting product to watch out for.

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