India’s Team Indus Wins $1mn Milestone Prize In Google Lunar Xprize Mission

Team Indus, the only Indian entrant in the Google Lunar Xprize, has been awarded $1 million for meeting significant milestones in developing a lunar landing system. The Bangalore-based team was one among the five finalists that was selected to compete for Milestone Prizes, which amounted to $5.25 million.
Google Lunar Xprize
The Milestone Prizes were awarded in three categories – imaging, mobility and lander systems – out of which Team Indus was competing for prizes in imaging and lander systems. Apart from the Indian startup, two US teams – Astrobotic and Moon Express, were awarded $1 million each for their development of lander systems.
Other teams to be awarded Milestone Prizes include:
Google Lunar Xprize Milestone Prize Winners
In order to win the Milestone Prizes, teams had to demonstrate (via actual testing and analysis) the working of both hardware and software to overcome key technical risks of landing a spacecraft on the moon. The proper functioning of landing, mobility and imaging systems will be key in the success of the $30 million Google Lunar Xprize mission.

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