TeamGum is the Gum You’ve Been Looking For To Stick Your Team

TeamgumIf you’ve got a team, you’ve got to be sharing a lot of awesome stuff that you see on the web. Be it articles, videos or even Tweets and blogs. Using a chat application becomes too intrusive, and it can get really annoying when the team is big. And e-mails get buried.

A new tool browser extension called Teamgum, can make life easier for you. With Teamgum, you can share articles from around the web with your team by clicking the Gum it button. No more copy pasting or never ending e-mail threads.

It integrates with other apps like Pocket and Twitter. Teamgum also has a mobile app so your team can be on the move but still get the stuff that you share.

After you sign up with your work e-mail, there is a short wait till they send you an invitation to start using it. Teamgum is free for 3 users and 300 shares. For more users, you need to shell out $5 per user per month.

Here’s a look at how it works

The app has been built by the folks at Deltecs InfoTech, who were behind Drona Mobile, a mobile application which makes it easy to create interactive content and push it to the users. Deltecs had raised $500,000 from Kutchi Angel Network in 2011.

We’ve been using tools like Moxtra and Slack to share and communicate within the team. Those work great as well.

Teamgum gives you a timeline view, which is very useful when you want to regularly catch up on things at your own pace but don’t want to be interrupted every time someone shares something. The viewer sits nicely on the side of your browser and expands sideways into your browser space to give you the timeline view when you click on it. You can also comment on articles, call out someone on the team and send specific recommendations to team members.

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