TeamIndus launches Moonshot Wheels; Really needed?

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TeamIndus launches Moonshot Wheels; Really needed?

TeamIndus Foundation has launched Moonshot Wheels. Moonshot Wheels is a bus which will traverse 11 states, 12500 kms in 12 months, across India impacting 36000+ students in government schools.

The bus will carry 16 science experiments, live satellite tracking, Moon rover, Spacecraft scaled model and an experience zone. Each child will get an opportunity to experience and understand the making of a Space Mission and its underlying technologies and will interact with rocket scientists as well as the rest of the team behind India’s first private Moon Mission.
Moonshot Wheels will carry a Moonshot Capsule which will be filled with the aspirations of the children the bus meets on its journey. These aspirations will then fly aboard the TeamIndus Spacecraft as a metaphor of how their lives can take flight.
Moonshot Wheels is conceptualised under #HarIndianKaMoonshot, a campaign to bring every Indian on board the historic private Moon Mission – a Moon Mission which will redefine what was thought possible out of India.

Really needed?

The only thing that will inspire any Indian (child / adult) will be the success of Team Indus programme – they have the launch on Dec 28, 2017 and all energy should just be focused on Google Lunar XPRIZE.
The foundation program etc can wait – these are mere distractions (IMO). I know am a bit raw here, but I’d suggest the team to go back to first principles.

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  1. “Even if lunar mission fails, they will have some visibility by doing all this.” – that’s a disastrous thinking, frankly speaking.

  2. divakar

    Nerds just concentrate on doing. Clever people work plus do marketing.
    Just put a non-tech member for this publicity work, while others do tech work.
    Even if lunar mission fails, they will have some visibility by doing all this.

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