• Interesting that you guys are covering the entire foodchain. I believe the first target group is sales (and your sales product is quite matured, as opposed to HRMS).

    Why do all when you can win them one-by-one? Would love to know your strategy.

    All the best!

  • Ashish,

    Companies increasingly prefer “suite solutions” Vs “best-of-breed tools” across all business application segments and categories.

    To be seen as a credible “suite” we had to offer atleast 2-3 apps (IMHO)
    So we started with 3 apps that our “agency business” needs the most … CRM, Projects & HRMS.

    The “one-app at a time” approach is hard to sell to customers. There are 100+ tools in the market already. Customers are no longer excited about a la carte, so we’re offering a buffet!


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