Tech News: Google LivingStories Goes Open Source, MS-Yahoo Deal, BBC [and more]

Google has made open sourced the LivingStories experiment it conducted for two months.

For the past two months, small teams of reporters and editors from the New York Times and Washington Post have been experimenting with Living Stories, a new format for covering news on the web. Using this technology platform, we can capture hundreds of developments as events unfold on a single dynamic page so that readers have many ways to easily digest the information.- blog

Yahoo Microsoft Search Deal

Yahoo Microsoft Search Deal has been cleared by US and EU government.

Under the alliance, Microsoft will provide the backend algo (as well as paid search ads) for Yahoo search, though Yahoo will continue to own the front end.

And what you’re seeing today is just the tip of the iceberg. With Microsoft providing us the underlying list of search results, our Yahoo! team can now focus on making the overall experience of finding stuff online and getting things done easier for you – whether you’re searching at or just looking for specific information in the moment while using our many great products and properties on any device – yahoo blog

Only if Yahoo knows what it means to provide ‘overall experience’ [looks like the team believes features like ‘search assist’ are actually a differentiator!]

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BBC Redesign

A detailed story on redesign of BBC’s website.

BBC Page Redesign
BBC Page Redesign

We’ve lived with and loved the distinctly ‘web 2.0’ design for a while now and it’s done us proud. However, time’s moved on, and in autumn last year we decided it was time to resurrect the project.

We set out to broaden our ambitions; to create a design philosophy and world-class design standards that all designers across the business could adhere to. We wanted to find the soul of the BBC. We wanted something distinctive and recognisable; we wanted drama. We knew whatever we created needed to be truly cross-platform and that we needed to simplify our user journeys. – link

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