Techcrunch calls us India’s TC..And the Biggest Ever Change Coming to PI [Announcement]

Last week, Techcrunch carried an article and called, India’s Techcrunch.

Frankly speaking, it’s an honor – as very few Indian sites (especially the ones who cover Indian content primarily) have reached a level where they are recognized globally. And that too coming straight from Techcrunch is surely an icing on the cake.

We, i.e. PI team here would like to thank you all for the trust, faith and love showered on us.

And as we keep growing, there also is an immense desire to be more meaningful to our audience.

First of all, let me share a few testimonial we have received in the last few days that showcases the power of PI:

Their review provided some critical feedback and some reinforcement in our thinking. We were immediately contacted by a couple of VCs and meeting with them gave us a new perspective to our offering.” – Mayank Sharma, Founder of Revu.

“Its been just a few days since our review was posted on and we already have business inquiries and candid comments which will help us go a long way. I am sure this is just a start and we still have a lot to come” – Abhishek Chipre of OyeGirl.

“ helped us establish our brand by featuring our products.We got many important business leads after this – clients were directly approaching us!. Apart from all this , reveiw-pit was a real test lab for us to get feedback and validation from the end users on our products and services.” – Deepak, CEO/Founder of Innoz.

“I remembered from the early days of TringMe, it was who gave us the first visibility in the Indian market. It was very important for us. Although we received a great visibility outside India due to the other coverages, no one knew that TringMe was an Indian startup and I sincerely thank for it. – Yusuf, Founder of TringMe.

— and more [please add your testimonial, We need every bit of love.]

Startups that get profiled on PI receive immediate traction and given our audience, they receive amazing feedback/suggestions as well.

Having said that, one of the things that has been concerning me for the last few months is the fact that we only cater to product startups.

What about those who are running services businesses? What about product startups/feature releases which we didn’t profile?

And that’s the crux of PI 2.0.

What’s 2.0? 2.0, scheduled for launch this week will be 2-way communication channel and will serve as a platform for entrepreneurs. Currently, we are 1.5 way channel – we write, you comment (as a comment and not as a post) and with PI2.0, we give you the power to communicate (but not blog!). 2.0 will cater to following intents:

  • Startups looking for angel investments
  • Self Serve PR.
  • Needs like looking for cofounders etc
  • ..and much more.

PI 2.0 is the biggest ever change coming to – we have been like any other blog, but now we are opening up to you. As with any other product launch, this will be a controlled rollout (first 100 invites only).

So stay!

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