Community and Workspace for Tech Entrepreneurs, TechHub Launches in Bangalore

TechHub, the community and workspace for tech entrepreneurs is all set to launch in Bangalore (on July 9th).


TechHub Bangalore will be led by entrepreneur, Stewart Noakes, who recently sold his successful software testing startup and was looking for a way to give back and help Bangalore entrepreneurs build startups for the Indian market.  

TechHub prides itself on its open collaborative approach – i.e. it will work with existing players such as accelerators and business initiatives to help the ecosystem grow.

The first TechHub in Bangalore will be based in Koramangala within the new UK India Business Council Centre, which also launches this week. The Bangalore team has also put up a crowd-sourced map of Bangalore startups : and is focused on a mission to grow 1000 Bangalore startups in the next 3 years.

Over the last few years,  TechHub has since grown to become the largest startup network in Europe,  with over 1000 startup members, all working on technology products. The  community has grown to have 8 physical spaces, each run by local entrepreneurs in different cities.

Welcome Techhub to India!

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