From Shooting Real Estate Videos To Winning Grammy, Sairam Does It All

Yesterday, when I happened to watch Winds of Samsara on YouTube, I was wondering why a Grammy winning video song had just 19k views. The song titled ‘Longing’ beautifully depicts love in a rural village in India. The song is soothing and has some amazingly well done visuals.
Today, I open my mailbox and see that Sairam Sagi who made this beautiful Grammy winning song video works at, an online map based real estate property portal. At Housing, Sairam devices new methods to shoot real estate. He has been involved in developing teams to shoot spaces in stereoscopic 3D.
A collaboration of Indian and African musicians, “Winds of Samsara” album have co-created two fusion tracks on Mahatma Gandhi. The award winning music videos for Mahatma and Longing songs have been written and directed by Sairam Sagi.
We at NextBigwhat would like to congratulate Sairam for his achievement.
You can watch the video songs here:

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