More WTF Tech Moment of 2009 [India]


More WTF Tech Moment of 2009 [India]

Continuing with Tech Flop Shows in India, Few WTF Moment of 2009, here are some of WTF moment that’d put a lot of us to shame:2009 in review

CAT 2009

CATastrophy is the right word to describe the online CAT 2009 saga.

Now here is one organization that produces best managers and miserably failed to manage it’s new venture. All the theory of ‘scaling up your business’,  ‘derisking in new ventures’ that IIMs teach, came to a big fall when CAT exam was cancelled in different parts of the country (as of writing this, exams for 5000 students have been rescheduled).

CAT 2009 - why is it so damn slow?
CAT 2009 - why is it so damn slow?

Worst of all, the lame reason that Prometric (the tech partner) gave for this debacle was too lame to be taken seriously – virus attack! If there were virus attacks, how did they propagate to 10 centers? After all, the tests were conducted via local servers (that’s what CAT authority earlier said)?

Enough questions for CAT team, but all we know is that they should have eaten their dog-food, a little bit of load testing would have saved the day.

To add icing to the cake, a Hyderabad based coaching institute is claiming that 50% of questions were lifted from their question banks (link).

3G Saga

Quiz time folks – when was/is the 3G auction? Jan 15th, 2009? July? Sep?

It has been postponed so many times that you actually need a real time search engine to get the right answer (Google actually fails to deliver the right result).

India’s 3G auction has changed ‘real time’ every month and while the new dates stands at January 14th,2010 there are chances that it might get delayed [3G Auction to be Delayed [Again?]).

The loss? We earlier covered the losses amounting to $16Bn (in direct investments/national productivity gains), its a loss to technology world – right from content developers to infrastructure companies (essentially, it’s the 3G ecosystem that has suffered the most).

What’s your take on WTF tech moments? Share your perspective.

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