A Look at the Real Gold Diggers in India’s Ecommerce Industry


A Look at the Real Gold Diggers in India’s Ecommerce Industry

When the gold rush happened, toolmakers made more money than the miners. India’s Ecommerce gold rush seems to be no different.California_Goldrush

With Indian ecommerce companies trying several interesting initiatives right from  same-day-delivery to bringing local shops online, these companies are looking for tool makers to help them grab more customers and serve them better.

Who is making minting money? For sure, not the ecommerce companies. They are still struggling with margins, as the focus is on getting new customers and optimizing logistics.

The real gold diggers are the products that power these ecommerce companies – be it cloud telephony or social apps, the gold diggers have shown strong growth riding on India’s Ecommerce growth story.

In no particular order, NextBigWhat team shares a few gold diggers who provide services and products to ecommerce businesses:

Customer Support

Kookoo, Exotel, Knowlarity

Web Apps

Webengage, Viralmint, SocialAppsHQ, Unbxd and Unicommerce.

Logistics/Payment Gateways/Misc

Delhivery, Kartrocket, GreyOrangeRobotics, Vinculum, Ezetap, Zipdial and MartMobi. Payment gateways like PayUPaisa, CCAvenue, EBS and the newly launched PayZippy.

DIY Ecommerce sites

Shopify, Martjack, BuildaBazaar, Zepo

The Big Beneficiaries?

Indian ecommerce companies are spending a huge chunk of VC money in buying media and the biggest beneficiaries are Google (Adwords), Facebook and the TV/print industry.

Close to $120mn investor money is riding on toolmakers and while the ecommerce market will go through it’s own ups and downs, these toolmakers surely are having a ball!

The team at martmobi has prepared this cool infographic depicting the technology landscape of India’s Ecommerce industry

Indian eCommerce Technology Map

[Image credit: wikipedia]

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