Telangana’s IT Minister Suggests To Form ‘Special Police Force’ To Tackle Online Piracy

So, Telangana’s Information Technology Minister K.T Rama Rao had asked ISPs to block over a thousand websites that “resorted to piracy of Telugu films”. Torrentfreak had also reported the same news with a rather provoking outlook.

Apparently a meeting was held last month with representatives from the film and ISP industry as well as the State Police, led by Daggubati Suresh Babu, a Telegu Film Producer.

They proposed to form a “special police unit” to take action on piracy websites within a week. During the discussion, representatives agreed that piracy posed a “grave threat” to the Telugu film industry as it “suffered a Rs 350 crore loss during the last 9 months”.

During the meeting, a presentation shown to representatives said that Europe had the “most effective policies and tools in place” to counter online piracy. The members agreed on considering similar measures to combat online piracy in India.

Source: Torrentfreak
Source: Torrentfreak

Film industry figures alleged that that piracy carried out by a list of 240 websites costs them millions of dollars, reports Torrentfreak.

Here’s What ISP’s Had To Say:

ISP’s responded positively stating that “they don’t wish to take part in illegal activities”. However they also asked the government to provide “clear official instruction” detailing the State’s requirements.

However it is not clear how the Telangana State Government will go forward with forming a “special police force” just to crack-down on teens and bored adults who use torrent to watch movies and T.V shows.

“Unlike before, piracy has taken new shape. Even educated professionals, engineering students are resorting to the crime of movie piracy which is not good for society. I’m happy that Mr KT Rao is seriously looking into the issue,” said, producer Suresh Babu

In May, a similar order surfaced from the government asking ISP’s to block websites like Vimeo, thepiratebay, Torrentz, etc., after the makers of the Bollywood movie ‘Piku’ obtained a blocking order.

“The owners of the domains are restrained from ‘making available’ or otherwise distributing Piku without a proper license,” said the order. Moreover, ISPs were given less than 24 hours to enforce the block.

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