Indian Minister Predicts that all telecom calls will be free [Mayhem!]

Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology, has predicted that telephone calls and related charges in India could soon be free.

the call rates are so cheap that a lot of telecom companies keep complaining how they are bleeding and how they are in the red. I think the day is not far away when call charges will be free and people will have to make money on data transfer – source: Rediff

Seems that the minister is not aware of the 3G auction delay and the overall delay in implementation.

If at all this statement has any seriousness attached [or a momentary lapse of reason?], telecom operators which are under a constant pressure to improve ARPU will have to find out other means to monetize the 500 million subscribe base.

What’s your opinion? Will Mobile Internet take over Internet in India?

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