With One Rumor, Telegram Messenger Is Gaining Popularity In India [Made In India?]

Narendra Modi started ‘Make in India’ campaign and the company that seems to be gaining the most from this is Russia based Telegram messenger.
Telegram is witnessing great traction in India, because of a rumor that’s floating on WhatsApp. People are sharing why one should not use WhatsApp and why everybody should instead switch to Telegram, as the latter is a ‘Made In India’ product (which is not really the case).

Telegram : An Indian Company?
Telegram : An Indian Company?

Telegram is actually a German company, started by two Russian brothers.

Telegram was launched in 2013 by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the founders of VK, Russia’s largest social network. Telegram Messenger LLP is an independent nonprofit company based in Berlin, Germany, which is not connected to VK. Nikolai created the new MTProto protocol that the messenger is based on, while Pavel provided financial support and infrastructure through his Digital Fortress fund [wikipedia]

The WhatsApp Hoax Is Helping Telegram

Look at the trends over the last couple of days.

Telegram : Google India Search Trend
Telegram : Google India Search Trend

And the app ranking (data source : AppAnnie).
Telegram App Rise
Telegram App Rise

Globally, the company has gained massive visibility (partly because of WhatsApp’ blueticks – which is a bit of privacy issue) in the last two days and we guess, several reasons are playing a part here.


A case of pure growth hacking? Missed opportunity for Hike?
Aside, Telegram offers several interesting features – notably message destruction and document sharing, making it a viable alternative to WhatsApp.
To reiterate, Telegram is NOT an Indian company, but if you are perturbed by WhatsApp blueticks, go ahead and try Telegram.


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  1. BBM is best in anonymity. Signal is the WORST. Signal is claimed to have ‘best’ encrypion’ but you cannot use VOIP number to login or signup. Telegram, Whatsapp allow VOIP numbers.
    BBM does not even require a phone number.

  2. Telegram is the best…
    But it is need some improvment…
    I have great idea…for telegram.
    Telegram beat any app after use my idea …

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