Telegram Launches Telegraph, a New Anonymous Publishing Platform


Messaging app Telegram has launched Telegraph, a new publishing platform, which looks and feels like Medium and offers anonymous posting — without requiring you to register an account or sign in through social media.

The bare-bones site makes the entire process of publishing on the web a very simple exercise. Just visit Telegraph, add a title, write your content and hit ‘publish’. That’s it.

The platform gives you the option to edit your post, as long as your current browser session is active, otherwise, you are out of luck. One downside is if you delete the url of your published article, there is no way you can track it down, because Telegraph does not store user history.

So, why would anyone want to use Telegraph? Well, if you want to rant out against your president/prime minister, boss, husband, wife, and don’t want anyone to know, who you are and where you are from.

Location: Berlin

URL: Telegraph

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