Tell EkSMS where are you hanging out today and collect deals [Mumbai only]

Heading to Bandra for lunch? Need some good deals on restaurants/drinks or dinner? Try EkSMS.eksms

In general, people often spend time on looking for deals they want (especially for deals related to restaurants/dining out) for a fixed date but no one effectively gives on that date. With EkSms you can send one sms and the free deal (coupon code) lands right on your phone in the form of an sms.

The way it works is very simple – select the location you want to go and at whether you want deal for lunch/dinner or drinks and EkSMS will give you 4 options to chose from. Select the business (click on the listing) and you will get a coupon code via SMS/Email which you can use to avail the deal.

If you ask me, what’s so different about EkSMS (vs. several other lifestyle based deal sites) – well, they collect intent. It’s not a plain vanilla site that sells what they have – but offers a bit of intent matching ensuring that the service stays useful for users.eksms_deals

Overall, an interesting service that takes the first step to personalization and importantly, a clutter-free approach (shows only 4 options) to deal business. Do give the service  a spin (if you are in Mumbai) and share your feedback.

Aside, EkSMS is a service started by Anirudh Suri, who is founding partner of the India Internet Group.

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