Quick Recap of TES – Day 2


Quick Recap of TES – Day 2

[Guest post by Sid covering highlights of Day 2 @ TES]

Session: Are you ready for venture capital?

  • Canaan partners:slowdown has caused the bar to be raised – slowdown in tech spending by customers
  • nea indo us:public markets have taken a hit and valuations have come down
  • narasimha suresh, ceo, telibramha:
    1. figure out most of ur business and only go to investors when you require financial muscle
    2. figure out monetization and financial model fast
    3. and investors why/why not he will fund you
    4. ensure draft termship is given ( saves a lot of legal hassle)
    5/ build higher differentiating barriers between you and your competitors

Would you invest in seed funding?

  • NEA: @$2-8m fund, not likely to spend $500-700k types

  • Rs. 50l-2c – angel investors – indian angels or tie
  • 20% of canaan is less than $1m
  • Session: Funding for growth
    Why do VCs not invest?
    A. You need to convince them that there is a market for your product and tell them that the benefits outweigh the risks
    team is very very important
    Qualities looked for in a good team:
    1. integrity & ethics
    2. can investors work with them?

    Update from Ashish

    In general, most of the VCs I spoke to are not so okay with less than a mn$ investment – so seed/angel funds are the best choice.

    Also, a welcome change is VCs mindset on new age startups – they are just fine (i.e. ready to look at your business plan) with somebody working on the product without leaving their job – i.e. moonlighting. Once you have validated your product, it’s time to talk to VCs/seed investors.

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