TES Day 3

[TES 3rd day was quite a slow day, but witnessed a good number of discussions. Nithya shares some of them]

Panel discussion:
Should you change your business plan?
Chair :
Mr.Ganesh shermon, Partner and Head of People & Change Advisory services, KPMG
Mr. Moorthy Uppaluri, Evangelist Microsoft
Dr. Ajay Kela, President, India Symphony services
Mr. Harish Narasappa, Partner NDR
Mr. Ramesh Emani, CEO Insta Health Solutions

  • Changing the business plan is inevitable
  • In most cases it helps to evaluate income sources every now and then to offer combo services by playing with the pricing . Even businesses with single income stream can further categorize their source based on geography or nature of target users. For eg, a services company offering solutions to hospitals has a single source of income from hospitals through every sale. But to get better clarity and offer better pricing the company can further categorize by looking at a separate channel for selling its services to hospitals in tier 2 cities or hospitals closer to a particular region etc.,
  • Every company operates on the model of conserve, spend and invest. The ratio differs from company to company based on individual needs. Hence it may not always help to follow the rut of conserving during a down-turn if the business at that point has spending needs that can actually affect business.
  • It helps for every company to be always on the look-out for successful partnerships
  • Balancing the lay-offs and maintaining the company morale is extremely important during tough times. One must consider it a priority to communicate with the team to make sure that the spirit is kept high.

Overall, TES was quite a great event – with good networking opportunities. Most importantly, the content was far better (though I’d request successful entrepreneurs to share more gems than the obvious ones (passion/team etc etc).

If you attended TES, what’s your feedback to the organizing team?

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