TextHer : A Serverless P2P Messaging App

Messaging is the next big opportunity in mobile space and Chennai based developer, Shan has launched a cool app called TextHer which enables users to communicate privately and securely between them. TextHer is a serverless app where the messages are directly sent from one phone to another without being routed through or stored on any servers.

That is, messages will be routed through carrier’s server and all you need is a Google id for using the app (the app is currently available on Android only).


App Features

1.No Registration is required and you can send unlimited messages for free.
2.Secure/Instant  communication between any two individuals.
3.Instant Delivery of messages (unless the other phone doesn’t have a working data connection).
4.Messages are not stored on any servers – they are stored only on your phones.
5.”Background Send” option which allows a delivery of messages incase of a failure.
6.Messages are encrypted by AES standards.

That is, unlike several other apps that use XMPP, TextHer works with data connection and given that it’s (almost) serverless, the app only stores the device IP on its server (and passes it to the clients which enables phones to connect with each other).

– Download link.

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