Thank You Dear Reader! Happy 2014!


Thank You Dear Reader! Happy 2014!

Dear reader,

Last year was amazing. From the breathtaking speed at which some Indian startups have grown to the way technology giants have started looking at India, things were radically different from before.

As 2013, comes to an end, we’re looking forward to another great year. In 2014, we expect the Indian startup movement to gather more steam. The quantity vs quality debate will rage on. Some more billion dollar companies will be born. There will be DOERS & the lack of DOERS. There will be success & failure.  But amid all this, many more entrepreneurs will be born and many great products will be built.

At NextBigWhat, we hope to bring you the latest news, views and agenda setting discussions, like we have been doing over the past few years. While we will cover startups with red eyed passion we hope to improve our focus on some new areas in the coming year.

In our journey, you, have played a crucial role.

With suggestions, you’ve helped us improve our design, coverage and brought depth and clarity to our thought. You’ve tipped us off from time to time and shared great insightful posts with other readers on NextBigWhat. You’ve been part of a thriving community where intelligent discourse valued.

Thank you for staying with us and we  hope to live up to your expectations.

We will continue to chronicle India’s technology and startup story with the highest standards of integrity. As we’ve said before, we hold ourselves to the 10 commandments of NextBigWhat and ask you to do the same if we ever slip.

Thank You Type Writer

Once again, here are our 10 Commandments.

  1. We bring visibility to startups – not just among investor community, but importantly among customers, potential hires and other stakeholders.
  2. We play the role of being connectors for various parts of the entrepreneurial and product ecosystem as best and helpfully as we can.
  3. We do not focus specifically on breaking/exclusive news unless it happens naturally. We are more concerned about useful news with a perspective, an insight that helps connect a few dots. Our news coverage brings to our audience a 360 degree view of happenings in the digital economy.
  4. We believe that entrepreneurs know best. We respect that, and at the same time we consider it our duty to encourage healthy debate around products and the industry.
  5. We do not cover plain press releases. We look for interesting, impactful stories that are worth sharing.
  6. We consider it important to raise key questions around trends we are spotting in the ecosystem/industry.
  7. We cover ideas and startups that are innovative and/or solve problems worth solving. Big or small, well funded or not.
  8. We review products and startups honestly, fairly and so that the review is useful to the team behind it.
  9. We bat for entrepreneurs. When in doubt (say, whether to break the funding/acquisition news) we lean towards the entrepreneur.
  10. We do not publish paid content in the guise of an article or news. We clearly mention sponsor details and have earlier refused sponsors who asked us to push their agenda as part of the content.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, don’t hesitate to write to us. You could also use the form below.

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