The 10 Kickass Startups that Demoed at bigMobilityConf

Table of Contents Hide Trip38BugClipperBetaGlideRailAlarmi7 NetworksTrackidpCloudyRailWisdomThrillLittle Eye On Saturday, we held the bigMobilityConf, our mobile industry conference here in Bangalore. Despite the rains, some great people turned up for the…

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On Saturday, we held the bigMobilityConf, our mobile industry conference here in Bangalore. Despite the rains, some great people turned up for the conference. Besides great content we saw some real good conversations take place. At the conference, 10 startups launched/ demoed their product. Here’s a complete list.


trip38--logo-2Trip38 is a mobile local guide around your place of stay you are travelling. It is a smart location aware mobile app that provides location aware content in terms of sightseeing options, restaurants, events, weather, hotel offers/deals, embassy / consulate info and a lot more all delivered to a traveler’s smart phone just by analyzing hotel confirmation vouchers. The company was officially launched at bigMobilityConf.


bugclipper-logoBugClipper is a tool to report bugs. It is available in the form of a plug-n-play library that integrates with your app and provides a suite of tools to capture screenshots and highlight issues on the fly, record screencasts and send them to the developer directly. This reduces the overall development time of an app. The tool is currently available for iOS and an Android version is under development.


betaglidel-logo2BetaGlide allows mobile app developers to gather information from their beta users and testers while they beta test their app in real life environment before launch. Integration with BetaGlide requires no coding at all. A developer can track and manage testing cycle of an application and the tool can be used to measure memory and CPU usage time, generate logs for debugging, record session details, battery information and other variables. It also gives you a user heat map, network statistics etc.


rail-alarm-logoRailAlarm is a mobile app from ColumbusAgain for Indian Rail Travellers. Travellers can use it to find real-time status of a train during their travel. They can also use it to set an alarm based on their destination. The app does not rely on GPS, so does not drain your battery. It uses an intelligent backend system that the team has built over two years. The backend has the full railway network mapped. The app can even alert users even if a train is delayed. The app was launched at bigMobilityConf and is available for iOS and Android devices.

i7 Networks

i7-networks---logo2i7 Networks’ PeregrineGuard provide security to BYOD-enabled enterprise by protecting the corporate network from infected personal devices.  It gives IT managers a way of securing the network by providing controls that help in discovering devices being used by employees, maintaining inventory of devices in use in a network and applying granular access control.


trackid-logo2Trackid by Saltbridge, is a GPS enabled bag to help parents keep track of their kid’s whereabouts and well being in real-time. Trackid offers parents an easy way to keep track of their kids by just by sending an SMS, which will quickly fetch the current location of their kid. Other than SMS, parents can also interact with Trackid through the web applications or the smartphone app.


pCloudy-lgopCloudy provides simple and intuitive remote access to real Android devices in a browser, optimized for debugging, testing and collaboration. The cloud based platform covers 9 versions of Android, more than 8 screen resolutions, over 10 display sizes and more than 5 aspect rations. The platform comes with collaboration features. This makes life much easier, especially for distributed teams working on the same application.


rail-wisdom-logoRailWisdom by RailYatri, provides crowd sourced Rail Travel Wisdom (tips, dos, don’ts etc.) mapped across trains and stations nationwide. The company wants to make this into a portal that will have information around more than 8,000 railway stations that cover over 80% of the country. At present the service is available only on the web, but mobile apps are scheduled to be launched in two to three weeks.


thrill-logo2Thrill is a fresh, safe matchmaking application for India. Men can apply to join, and the female users vote guys up and down in the application list and only the best ones make the cut. Women get membership to the network automatically. Once a man is allowed to join he can anonymously find someone “Thrilling” or “Not Thrilling”. If that person feels the same, an intro is made and from there you’re on your own.

Little Eye

little-eye-logoLittle Eye is a performance analysis tool for Android apps. It has intuitive “Visual Correlation Engine” based interface that allows developers and testers to quickly identify performance and resource usage issues (like battery, CPU, memory, filesystem, etc) and also enables easy communication of issues between testers and developers, by capturing all relevant information automatically (like screen, logs, events, threads).

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