The Airtel 4G Girl Is Back, And The Internet Is Having A Laugh Riot

Sasha Chettri, the young lass with trimmed hair and the next-door-girl looks, who has become the poster girl of brand Airtel is back, promoting the ever-elusive 4G connection.

In the latest campaign, the 4G Girl, as she is widely known, is seen vacationing in remote locations with friends to find peace and escape glare, only to find that even if you leave Airtel 4G, Airtel 4G won’t leave you. But there is one problem; the internet isn’t buying it and as usual, there is a laugh riot going on everywhere, ripping into Airtel, its connection and the poor girl.

Take a look.

  1. Forgot about 4G even 2G signal is also not available in Hyderabad even nodel officer can’t provide timeline to improve signal for 2G

  2. People are nasty and heartless. Don’t spare anybody. Poor girl she is doing her job.

  3. I m standing in front of airtel tower but i dont pick 4g ensure that thats a 4g tower i searched on the airtel website(actualy i got a message regarding it ).

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