From Forum: The Art and Science of Negotiation, The “we are a startup” Excuses forum is a high engagement community site that serves as a platform for Indian entrepreneurs to connect with each other and benefit from communities’ insights/knowledge. Within a month of… forum is a high engagement community site that serves as a platform for Indian entrepreneurs to connect with each other and benefit from communities’ insights/knowledge.

Within a month of launch, forum has turned out to be a very useful platform bringing in insights from stakeholders across the industry – right from startups to VCs to industry professionals and helping entrepreneurs with answers to their questions.

Here are a few gems from the forum.

The Art and Science of Negotiation [Explained in a sentence]

“If you take a loan of Rs. 5,000 from someone and do not return, the person will threaten you (and even get goons for you).
If you take a loan of Rs. 50,00,000 from someone and do not return, the person will first threaten you, and then ask you to sit and talk about it“.
That’s negotiation. That’s muscle power. And it’s as simple as that.

The “we are a startup” Excuses

I continue to be amazed by the number of statements by founders I hear where “we are a startup” is used an excuse for something – either an excuse for blatantly copying, or not doing their homework on the industry, or not pitching to the right markets, or seeing their bigger competitors cash in while they focus on something else.

How many have you heard? What’s your typical response to such statements?

Where to get *INDIAN* Royalty-Free/Low-cost stock images?

I would like to use some good images for my website. Mainly it needs to be with Indian Faces. of course, google can give me some good links.  I still like to know where my fellow startup friends are getting it from. I hope your answers will be helpful for everyone else.

Startups and solutions for religious, devotional markets?

Its a pretty big business in India, with steady cash flows, across economic strata and geographies. What startups, apart from VAS players selling devotional content, have tried creating solutions for this space? Temple management, e-collections, appointments, etc?

What do you wear to office and does it make a difference?

We do the normal, monday to thursday formals, friday onwards casuals. I think its necessary to instill a sense of discipline in a person like me.
And I am sure its a person to person thing. Big companies including MS etc. do not have any kind of dress code. But for a leader its very important that the right message is passed on to his/her comrades. And my opinion is that formal wear goes a long way in achieving that.

Enable radio taxi like service for local transport (auto rick)

The idea is to connect locals with the local transport in a given area – something like a “location based app” using SMS as a channel (considering that auto drivers may not have App/ Wap enabled phones). Rick driver can check in or check out at a location indicating that he is ready to take fare in that area (say Brigade Rd or Jayanagar). Along with this he will specify few other details like which direction is more preferred (Towards Hosur or Towards Domlur / Indira Nagar etc), what is his minimum fare distance etc.

Help : Magento VS PHP for E commerce

Which is a better solution Core PHP or Magento for e commerce. Which is easy to customize??

Good to be a little ‘evil’?

..rather than just sit on or sell the tracked/collected data it should be used for a pervasive experience; for example if he logs into a traffic website from home VS he logs into it from his handheld device when outside, he is looking for different types of information in either case. If tracking information can provide for such an experience then so be it.

Can superb customer service be that winning shot in ecommerce?

Will a fantastic customer experience/service help you keep your customers and get more? I personally think the service standards in Indian ecom is pretty poor. Can somebody be the Zappos of India? As an end consumer what do you expect as a great customer service?

Water Cooler Discussions

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