The Asshole Rule of Hiring. (

So if you have 2% assholes in your organization, then everyone participates in hiring to grow, you’re never going to find yourself at 1% assholes, you’re going to find yourself at 5% assholes. Then those 5% hire more assholes, and so on.  

Since asshole behavior spreads BOTH by people reciprocating asshole behavior internally as well as onboarding new assholes externally, the candle is burning at both ends.  Remember that asshole behavior packs 5 times the impact as non-asshole behavior, so reaching only a 20% asshole population results in an oppressive, miserable work environment that cannot be fixed, only escaped.  

And when non-assholes leave the company, you know who is going to be on the hiring committee for their backfills right? Assholes.