the baby had a mild fever

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the baby had a mild fever suffered through major fever and it took me a while to get the baby up and running.

As mentioned by our evil doctor (i.e. hosting provider):

I am sorry, but we can’t run your website currently because it eats too much system resources and overloads the server because it is very popular. You must remove some most popular section of your website.
Your website is a blog. So I advise you to disable some most popular section of the blog. Please let me know if it is acceptable for you.

Well, remove most popular section and do what? Go fishing?

Looks like this is a price one needs to pay for “mild” success!

A great thing that happened during this entire course of action was that I got 10 emails, 4 SMS and 3 calls from our readers/friends and everybody jumped in to support us.

Thanks to Yusuf, Subodh, Sri, Mahesh, Kapil, Raina, Alok, Prashant for the support extended. We will soon move to dedicated hosting space.

Any suggestions on a good provider?

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