The BAREFOOT Method™ Revealed

B – Break: Corporate transformation may be difficult to achieve, as many businesses are learning.

A – Assess: Assessments are necessary for a business to examine and analyze where it is today and where it wants to go in the future.

R – Reposition: When you ask a business owner what their secret to success is, you will almost always hear something about the people that work with them.

E – Execute: Starting with the first step and then assessing many elements, the plan will become evident—you’ll see the whole image of what you have and require at this time.

F – Follow-Up: Follow-up is the next important step. To keep an eye on the “pulse” of your major projects and the company as a whole, you’ll need to plan recurring meetings.

O – Operationalize: You have identified goals, created a thorough action plan to meet them, and established the accountability framework. Now it is critical that you operationalize your plan.

O – Opportunities: Many individuals are apprehensive about change.

T – Timeline: Whenever I am on a long road trip, I always have two questions: Are we delayed? What time will we arrive?


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