The Biggies Awards: Winners To Be Announced Today [A Note Before That]

NextBigWhat received 8,432 votes across all the categories.

Today, we are announcing the winners of Biggies awards. And before that, a quick note on the process and criteria et al.biggies-awards
– In total, we received 8,432 votes across all the categories.
– We didn’t bring in any jury for the awards.
And here is why – most of the potential respectable jury members are either an entrepreneur or an angel investor (with a wide portfolio consisting of all categories that are part of Biggies Awards).Ā We didn’t want to bring in any biases or alignment.
Plus, we looked at several other awards function andĀ learned from them – most of them suffer from these biases – either from the jury or the sponsors.
– The entire selection process was based on data and two things*.
–Ā Data : We ended up creating an indexing system (which we internally call BIGSCORE) that ranked startups purely on their growth momentum (and data).
– *Beyond data, the most important things we considered were:
A. Momentum.
If you have to choose between speed, velocity, acceleration and momentum – we’d suggest momentum. Very few companies manage to maintain their growth momentum – it is a function of speed, control and backend processes.
B. Risk TakingĀ 
A few grown up startups are hitting theirĀ risk taking limits. Every other feature launch is an attempt to just maintain and linearly grow the numbers.
Very few areĀ reimagining the business, pushing the envelope and risking-it-all. Very very few.

Given that this is is V0.1 of Biggies Awards, we wanted to get the process right andĀ stay away from all the dramas associated with a typical awards function. Of course, we look forward to your feedback.
Lastly, we would like to thank our sponsor Intuit India for supporting us in this endeavor.
We have loosely used the word ā€™startupā€™ in awards categories,Ā  but have actually called the awards as BIGGIES Awards (not StartupAwards), celebrating the rising entrepreneurial spirit andĀ making BIGGIES more realistic and a level playing fieldĀ (for the industry).

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