The Brand Flip – Marty Neumeie

The Brand Flip, by Marty Neumeier, is a whiteboard overview of how customers now run companies. It shows how the customer-driven world has changed the way brands are built, marketed, and managed. 

Neumeier combines concepts from his three bestselling books – The Brand Gap, Zag, and The Designful Company – to provide readers with the tools needed to create powerful, customer-focused brands.

Neumeier identifies ten new realities that shape the way the customer and company interact around products and services, and offers advice on how to use this knowledge to create an effective brand strategy. 

He also explains how to use customer feedback to drive customer-focused innovation and how to use customer data to create meaningful connections with customers. 

The book provides readers with an in-depth understanding of customer-centric brand-building, and offers a comprehensive guide to making customer-centric decisions.

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